Walking on hard, flat surfaces with conventional shoes has stressed our bodies’ natural shock absorption system. A sedentary lifestyle and an excessive use of mobile devices has taken a toll on our natural posture. Back pain has become the one main illness of our modern passive society as well as problems on the musculo-skeletal system. With Joya we want to help people to regain a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Joya is the product of an inspiring journey of two friends, who founded the back-friendly shoe brand in 2008. They had the vision, that backpain should not limit people from walking every day. It is a story of a big dream, a friendship, challenges, inner struggles and a strong will of persistence. It became a movement that started in Switzerland and that is winning believers all over the world one pair at a time.

The “Campaign for Healthier Backs” association (AGR) recommends Joya as a particularly back-friendly shoe. The AGR seal of approval* marks products that have passed a test by an independent medical com-mission. The seal of approval, which is granted by the AGR together with the two largest German back pain prevention associations, serves as an optimal guide to the consumer when buying ergonomic and healthy products.

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